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By paying a competitive price, we have attracted over 200 tribal farmers to form Producer Groups bypassing middlemen and money lenders to sell direct.

With the help of the District Administration, we plan to reach 6000 tribal farmers by 2031; increasing the area under cultivation and safeguarding their rights as forest dwellers under the Forest Regulation Act (2006).  

By planting silver oaks for shade and fruit and spice varieties for biodiversity, tribal farmers are now active in protecting their forest and the bright future it promises.


Ms. Mansi Nimbhal, IAS

Managing Director,

We launched Koraput Coffee in 2019 under the umbrella of Adisha, our retail chain. The growing demand for Koraput’s wild, all-natural coffee made it essential to create a separate platform for the brand. At Koraput Coffee, we believe that human beings can live in harmony with nature. Every day we work with our tribal producers to build an eco-system in which profitability and reforestation go hand in hand. ​

State Team:

At our Bhubaneswar HQ, we focus on making India’s finest sustainable specialty coffee. From procurement to certification and marketing we deliver world-class quality for our loyal customers. Using direct bank transfers we pay our tribal farmers in a timely and transparent way.

District Team:

Our District Team works closely with tribal coffee growers delivering capacity building, training, and the social, economic, and emotional support they need to build sustainable coffee plantations. By supporting the formation of Producer Groups we encourage indigenous farmers to become successful coffee entrepreneurs. 

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