“When the rainy season starts, we worship the forest.”


Tribal farmers believe in the power of the forest.

“When the rainy season starts, we worship the forest, praying for it to protect us from diseases, insects, and wild animals, often people. To bless us with enough rain and sun to produce a good harvest.” 

Harmony with nature, respecting the ancestors and the spirits who inhabit each rock, river, lake and trees are all central to our farmers’ lives.  Blending animism with ancestor worship, shamanism and nature worship, their mantra is simple: connect with everything. 


Life on earth began in the roots of a tree.

From Laxmipur to Nandpur, from Lamtaput to Potangi each of the five tribes we work with share common beliefs about the forest and their place within it. 

Sacred beliefs that find expression in the work of the Khonda artists who inspire our designers – here exploring the supreme creative force sat among the roots of all creation.


Humble and practical – we are nothing alone!

Scientists agree that we have entered a period of climate breakdown, an era of mass extinction of our own making. No evidence suggests we are above or apart from the birds, bees, fish and trees we share our blue planet with. We are not made in the image of God. 

‘Only connect!’ As we face a global emergency on an unprecedented scale we must listen to our tribal friends. They have always put the needs, wants, and goals of their communities over their desires as individuals. 

Pool labour. Live slower. Consume less. Be more present. How to begin?    

With a good cup of coffee. 

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