Koraput Instant Coffee


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Region: Koraput, Odisha.
Producers: Machkund & Nandapur Tribal Farms.
Elevation: 920m
Roast: Light Medium
Bean: 100% Arabica
Form: Spray-dried powder

Weight: 50 grams
Processed : Export-Oriented Processing Unit (EOU) of Tata Coffee Ltd, Toopran, Telangana
Flavour: n/a

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Introducing “KIC” – Koraput Instant Coffee: Embark on a journey of taste and tradition with our newest creation, Koraput Instant Coffee. Sourced ethically from Koraput, this coffee is a tribute to the dedication of tribal farmers who have nurtured the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans over the years.

Crafted with precision at Tata Coffee Ltd’s Export-Oriented Processing Unit in Telangana, “KIC” offers you a unique coffee experience. Our agglomerated preparation of spray-dried powder undergoes meticulous granulation to preserve its enticing aroma, enhance solubility, and enrich the color and flavor of every cup.

No longer limited to coffee kiosks, the warmth of Koraput coffee can now fill your home. Preparing your favorite beverage is effortless – just blend a spoonful of “KIC” with hot water or milk, and relish a perfect cup of coffee that captures the essence of Koraput’s breathtaking landscapes.

With its roots deeply embedded in the region’s culture, “KIC” signifies more than just a coffee. It’s a symbol of sustainable livelihood for tribal farmers, and a testament to the high-quality, region-specific Arabica beans that thrive in Koraput’s fertile lands.

Join us in embracing the legacy of “KIC” as it takes its rightful place in the heart of every coffee lover. Discover the harmony of taste, tradition, and convenience in every sip. Welcome to a new era of coffee indulgence, where Koraput Instant Coffee paints your moments with authentic flavor and heartfelt history.


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